7 Social Media Tips for Creatives

May 23, 2018
Photo Credit: Jessica Hunt Photography I’ve always been an early adopter of all things digital. In third grade I got my first AIM account (don’t worry, my parents were into the free range parenting thing) and I've had a Facebook for over a decade now. Social media is just second nature to me and is[...]

4 Ways to Diversify Your Submissions Strategy

April 24, 2018
In light of the recent news about Style Me Pretty potentially closing, there have been a lot of conversations about the future of publications and how to manage your earned media strategy. To set the record straight, publications aren’t going anywhere! That being said, the industry is always[...]

The Do's And Don'ts of Professional Business Cards

March 20, 2018
Photo: Unsplash You’ve been networking since you started in the business, and you’ve met hundreds of talented industry professionals. In the conference chaos or crowded cocktail hour, you often leave with a few new friends and nothing short of a million business cards. A business card is the key to[...]

How Getting Published Helped Us Relocate Our Business With Ease by Meredith Ryncarz

March 12, 2018
Photo: Courtesy of Meredith Ryncarz Owning a business was the furthest thing from my mind in college.  I knew I wanted to teach people about art and use photography as a visual story teller.  When our son was born, I made the transition out of formal teaching and dove head first into photography. [...]

How to Strategize Submissions to Achieve Publishing Success

March 07, 2018
Photo: Unsplash Just like arranging a bouquet, photographing an anniversary shoot, or planning a wedding, getting published is all about strategy. Each precious moment is calculated for optimal results and no tiny detail goes overlooked. Why should submitting albums for publication be any[...]

You've Got Mail: Intro to TBL's Messaging Platform

January 30, 2018
 Image: Unsplash The Messaging Platform is Here You know how it goes: your submission was accepted, but maybe you have a question about the feature. Or maybe you want to see if there's an updated publication date coming your way. Well, chatting with an editor just got way easier! Two Bright Lights[...]

Photographer Spotlight: Christa Rene's Steps to Getting Published Through Two Bright Lights

January 24, 2018
Having my own photography business wasn’t a lifelong dream I’d always had! I wanted to be an entrepreneur or teacher, but changed my major to business from education months before starting college in the fall of 2012. Later that year, I made the splurge and bought my first DSLR camera. I began[...]

5 Ways to Make Your Workday Even More Productive

January 03, 2018
Image: Unsplash You’re a hustling photographer, a forever-busy event professional, or a super booked publisher. Ever wonder why there aren’t enough hours in the day to check everything off your to-do list? Believe us, we’re right there with you. While we can’t add more hours to the day, we are here[...]

SEO for Niche Audiences: Webinar Recap

December 15, 2017
Kaboom Pics Search engine optimization doesn’t just pertain to Google anymore—everywhere online that is searchable is a search engine! That means any social network, from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, to even Etsy, can be optimized for search. So how can you harness SEO to tap into your[...]

3 Steps to Prep for Publication

December 10, 2017
...And in a blink, 2017 is coming to a close! As one year ends and we look to the next, it’s important to start setting new goals and aspirations. In 2018, we want you to take your work one step further and increase your credibility by getting published. Whether it be exposure to more publishers to[...]
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