On the Road: Showit United Tempe, AZ + Our Conference Suggestions for 2020

November 21, 2019
Hi friends! Earlier this month, Meghan and I had the opportunity to head out to sunny Tempe, AZ for the 2019 Showit United Conference. We spent 4 days hugging (it’s a conference thing) and getting to know hundreds of amazing photographers and leaders in the industry. Not only were the main sessions[...]

How to get Your Work Published (As told by someone who used to work at a Publisher!)

July 18, 2019
Before co-founding NYC photography boutique, Anée Atelier, and making my transition to full-time photography, I was blessed to have an incredible career in the publishing industry. What began with a position at Essence Magazine, later led to People and People StyleWatch, eventually culminating at[...]

Earn your LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certification with Equally Wed Pro

June 14, 2019
Happy Pride, love champions! I’ve been celebrating Pride since I came out as bisexual in 1997. My journey discovering my identity led me through a variety of terms for my sexual orientation until I landed on what feels the most accurate for me: queer. I’m a queer femme cisgender woman, and my[...]

Free Photographer & Vendor Accounts Just Got Better!

June 11, 2019
We've listened to your feedback, have sent countless surveys and held numerous team brainstorms to come up with ways to make our free submitter experience even better. Over and over again we heard that you wanted to upload even more photos, create more albums, and most importantly, get your work[...]

Revolutionizing Wedding Submissions with Two Bright Lights: A Letter from our Director

June 05, 2019
A Letter from our Director: Since 2009, Two Bright Lights has been the industry leader in streamlining the wedding submissions process. It was the first system that allowed creatives to submit their work to more than one publication at a time, significantly increasing the efficiency of the[...]

Your Account Just Got Even Better: Updates to Open Gallery for Album Creators

May 21, 2019
So what’s happening—in 2 sentences or less. We’re making all of your existing and future uploaded albums available in Open Gallery! This exponentially increases your chances of getting published with no additional effort on your side. What happens to my existing albums? They automatically become[...]

How to Successfully Manage Your Business While Traveling on the Job

April 04, 2019
After fourteen years of photographing weddings and destination-based shoots from the Southwest to the Northeast, Dubai to Israel, the Maldives and on eight islands across the Caribbean, it’s safe to say we’ve picked up a rule or two on how to travel well. More importantly, how to juggle the[...]

Creative (and Quick) Ways to Build Your Brand with Tayler Cusick-Hollman

March 12, 2019
As a creative business owner, your to-do list is long. From drafting contracts and overseeing finances to working through projects and managing your client experience, your days are filled with trying to crank through seemingly endless tasks in order to get from first inquiry to final invoice. But,[...]

6 Tips to Get Published in the Ever-Changing Wedding Media Landscape by Meghan Ely

February 13, 2019
If there is one thing that’s for certain in Wedding PR these days, it’s that nothing is certain. The wedding media landscape is evolving at a rapid pace- from news of mergers and shutdowns to the diversification of new mediums. The question remains- how do you continue to build your press portfolio[...]

5 Ways to Incorporate Storytelling Into Your PR Strategy

February 07, 2019
Good PR is all about who you know and storytelling. Luckily if you’re on Two Bright Lights, we’ve done some of the heavy-lifting for you by establishing these connections! That being said, it’s important to use them to their fullest potential through crafting a compelling story for your business.[...]
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