The 9 Do's and Don'ts of Submissions

January 17, 2019
Without a doubt, the way you submit your albums can make a huge impact on how you get published. Once you’ve mastered how to upload your albums on Two Bright Lights, it’s time to head into submissions with a clear strategy. Read through these do’s and don’ts of submitting for some tips to get your[...]

The Album Basics You Need to Know When Getting Published

January 08, 2019
Whether you’re you’re just getting started on Two Bright Lights or you're a seasoned pro, it’s great to review some album basics to kick off the year. Take a look at these tips that cover everything you need to know when getting published. We've got you covered with the nitty-gritty basics and some[...]

A Year In Review With Two Bright Lights

December 20, 2018
And just like that, 2018 is coming to a close! It’s the time of the year to put up your feet, set those out of office email replies, and cozy up with a warm beverage. It’s been a busy year over at Two Bright Lights, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tips. While you’re taking some well earned[...]

Introducing Open Gallery

December 13, 2018
We’ve all been there: uploading albums, submitting your work and waiting to get published. Sometimes it can feel like a guessing game — if only you could read an editor’s mind, right? What if we told you our newest site update will change the way you submit & get published by having the editors[...]

The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Wedding Submission by Jasmine Norris

November 03, 2018
About 7 years ago I started my wedding photography business after working in the music industry for a decade. I loved photographing weddings and getting to help capture my couple’s love stories. I dreamed of the day that I would be able to see my photography in one of my favorite wedding magazines[...]

4 Tips for Growing Your Business by Getting Published by The Harris Company

September 24, 2018
As an emerging photographer, getting published was always a dream! The process to do so seemed overwhelming… where would I start… and scary! (what if the editors hated my work!?). Then we found Two Bright Lights! TBL simplifies the process down to a few easy steps AND allows us to submit to[...]

It’s the Remix to Submission-Meet our Revamped Publication Matching Tool

August 23, 2018
At the heart of Two Bright Lights is the mission to make getting your work published even easier. We are constantly evaluating what needs to be created and what our users are telling us needs improvement. From this core mission stemmed the need to create even better, more accurate publication[...]

7 Social Media Tips for Creatives

May 23, 2018
Photo Credit: Jessica Hunt Photography I’ve always been an early adopter of all things digital. In third grade I got my first AIM account (don’t worry, my parents were into the free range parenting thing) and I've had a Facebook for over a decade now. Social media is just second nature to me and is[...]

4 Ways to Diversify Your Submissions Strategy

April 24, 2018
In light of the recent news about Style Me Pretty potentially closing, there have been a lot of conversations about the future of publications and how to manage your earned media strategy. To set the record straight, publications aren’t going anywhere! That being said, the industry is always[...]

How Getting Published Helped Us Relocate Our Business With Ease by Meredith Ryncarz

March 12, 2018
Photo: Courtesy of Meredith Ryncarz Owning a business was the furthest thing from my mind in college.  I knew I wanted to teach people about art and use photography as a visual story teller.  When our son was born, I made the transition out of formal teaching and dove head first into photography. [...]
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