How to Strategize Submissions to Achieve Publishing Success

March 07, 2018
Photo: Unsplash Just like arranging a bouquet, photographing an anniversary shoot, or planning a wedding, getting published is all about strategy. Each precious moment is calculated for optimal results and no tiny detail goes overlooked. Why should submitting albums for publication be any[...]

Photographer Spotlight: Christa Rene's Steps to Getting Published Through Two Bright Lights

January 24, 2018
Having my own photography business wasn’t a lifelong dream I’d always had! I wanted to be an entrepreneur or teacher, but changed my major to business from education months before starting college in the fall of 2012. Later that year, I made the splurge and bought my first DSLR camera. I began[...]

SEO for Niche Audiences: Webinar Recap

December 15, 2017
Kaboom Pics Search engine optimization doesn’t just pertain to Google anymore—everywhere online that is searchable is a search engine! That means any social network, from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, to even Etsy, can be optimized for search. So how can you harness SEO to tap into your[...]

3 Steps to Prep for Publication

December 10, 2017
...And in a blink, 2017 is coming to a close! As one year ends and we look to the next, it’s important to start setting new goals and aspirations. In 2018, we want you to take your work one step further and increase your credibility by getting published. Whether it be exposure to more publishers to[...]

How-To Videos on the Two Bright Lights YouTube Channel

December 01, 2017
Whether you're brand new to TBL or you're a seasoned submissions pro, sometimes you just need sometime to know how to perform a certain task or a refresher on submission best practices. Well, we've got you covered! Our YouTube channel now has a series of Two Bright Lights how-to videos that take[...]

3 Reasons to Submit Your Holiday Albums Today

November 13, 2017
You’ve barely recovered from the intense summer months, and now you’ve got to think about holiday albums?! Time is flying by, but it's so important to submit your holiday albums during the most wonderful time of year (you see what we did there?) As the holiday season quickly approaches, it’s[...]

Editor Spotlight: Raj of Secret Wedding Blog

November 02, 2017
Go ahead, admit it. We’ve thought it too. You’re scrolling through countless beautiful wedding blog posts, and you crave more variety! That’s where Secret Wedding Blog comes in. Started by Raj in 2013 and inspired to start the blog because of her own multicultural, interfaith relationship - which[...]

Use Wedding Season Momentum to Get Your Albums Published!

October 23, 2017
And just like that, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! Wedding season is beginning to slow down and you now have thousands of fresh images from the busy months. Right now, you're probably dreaming of that vacation you more than deserve… but wait!  Before you hop on the next plane (or hop[...]

It's Time to Talk Pronouns With H&H Weddings

October 18, 2017
She/her/him/his/they/theirs/others *z *v etc If you asked the vast majority of people what a pronoun is, many probably couldn’t even tell you, but they are intrinsic to our daily lives. We get a coffee, “That barista? She was so nice!” We’re telling a story “He told her!” Most of us don’t question[...]

3 Ways to Benefit from Conferences After Attending

September 29, 2017
You know how it goes… You attend the MOST AMAZING conference and learn SO MUCH and benefit SO MUCH. But, you come back from that conference to the busy-ness of your life, and it all evaporates in a few days. All of those great ideas end up getting mushed into all of the other needs of your[...]
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